Landscape mapping of
software tools for
climate-sensitive infectious
disease modelling

The Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research were commissioned on the following objectives.

1 — To Identify Software Specific to Climate-Sensitive Infectious Diseases

Scope the landscape of models addressing climate-sensitive infectious diseases, with an eye to identifying the current available set of tools for public health decision makers.

2 — To Understand Expert Perspectives on Tools

Engage with researchers and policy stakeholders at key organizations in the fields of climate and infectious disease, and conducted semi-structured interviews to understand their perspectives on the software tools landscape.

We aimed to identify tools that :

  • Incorporate both climate inputs and epidemiological information.
  • Produce an output as a prediction or indicator of disease risk in one package.
  • Are transparently described and validated.
  • Are named, for future searching and versioning.
  • Are accessible - code is published, or available on a code repository, a web platform, or other.

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